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Surface pattern designer inspired by the natural world, specializing in pattern design for fashion, home and stationery. I also create graphic projects, packaging and fine art.

Creative, reliable and strategic, with over 13 years experience in textile design, trend research, product development and visual design. These expertise allow me to approach my work with a holistic perspective.

I help your brand stand out with desirable products that shine and surprise your consumer. With a more authentic approach, we leave behind those repetitive, generic stock prints that make you blend in with countless other brands. Creating patterns that inspire and embracing a distinctive identity will elevate your brand, creating a sense of wonder. I thrive on diversity, and by exploring new innovative print layouts and techniques.

To create intentionally, delivering value to brands & people. My belief is that design plays an important role in creating economic, emotional, and cultural value. Prints are an excellent way to bring innovation and establish a special connection between your product and the consumer. It is a means to build ideas, experiences, and also to tell stories.

Custom Briefing & Bespoke Services

Print designs crafted from scratch to match your brand, tell your aesthetic story and align with your particular creative vision. Embracing a fully digital process, my style is versatile, allowing me to adapt it to a variety of techniques and themes. But still, to briefly describe my own style I would say:

“Bold, colorful, rich, feminine and full of brasilidade”

It’s a collaborative journey together, where I dive into research and provide drafts and updates along the way for feedback and your creative input.  With custom solutions for brands of all sizes, we have the flexibility to collaborate on individual prints or curate an entire collection. This may include discussing materials, trims, coordinating textures. By closely collaborating with the product team, I ensure that the designs seamlessly translate into a cohesive product family.

Collection Prints

Toughtfully curated collection of prints, created based on trend analysis, market research, and various sources of inspiration. My approach revolves around storytelling, presenting designs in carefully curated groups that harmonize through color, texture, and sensibility. This process leads to unique and captivating interactions among individual pieces.

All the designs in my collection are exclusive, meaning they are only sold once.

About the process

I also provide ongoing support throughout your development process, ensuring your print is perfect and ready for production, meeting your manufacturers specifications.

Click here to see examples of my recent work.

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