I’m a creative person with a diverse background. A graduation in Fine Art provided me with a strong foundation in artistic expression and visual communication.

To better understand the manufacturing processes and technical aspects of production, I sought additional education as a Garment Technician. At the time I was working as part of a small team in a textile mill, collaborating on the entire journey, starting from conceptualization through research, design, development sourcing, production, quality control, and the market launch. 

To bridge creativity with business, I pursued a graduate degree in Design Management, which helped me merge artistic vision with strategic thinking and best design and business practices. Establishing a small business from the ground up has presented me with continuous challenges, equipping me with comprehensive business management skills.

When off duty, I enjoy cooking elaborate recipes. As an extension of my creative work, sharing beautifully crafted food with people is also an expression of affection and care. I like to see my creative work flowing across mediums like writing, cooking, gardening, and exploring creative fields.

In fact, I’m a bit of a crazy plant lady myself. Living in an atlantic rainforest reservation area, being constantly surrounded by nature, helped me develop a close relationship with all living beings. This connection is very dear to me, and it manifests in many ways through my work and lifestyle.

My curiosity and enthusiasm about reading and learning often lead me to delve deeply into various fields of interest. I’m deeply interested in literature, history and all aspects of art and design. I’m always growing my repertoire.

I love creating designs that bring joy and excitement to those who use them. It is a way to bring fun, creativity, and self expression to the everyday. I began working with prints because I wanted to bring art and beauty into people’s daily lives, and I wanted it to be accessible.

It happens through special products that people can connect with, evoking their sensibility and enchantment while also telling stories and speaking their personalities. Although knowing that the best and most important things in life aren’t things,  I believe this adds fun and lightness to life, also making the world a little more beautiful.

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